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Barix Annuncicom-155: IP-Audio Encoder/Decoder

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Part #: Barix Annuncicom-155_NoPSU
Barix Part #: 2010.9098

The Annuncicom 155 is a ruggedized, universal IP Audio Encoder/Decoder device, developed to operate within challenging environmental conditions whether outside or in rolling stock.

With an amplified output suitable to drive 5W into an overhead paging or panel speaker, a sensitive microphone input, selector/contact closure inputs and control output the device is equally suitable for paging, intercom, help point and monitoring applications.

NOTE: The Annuncicom 155 does not include a power supply, external cables or connectors! See the Barix Annuncicom 155 Accessory Kit which includes everything you need.

Annuncicom 155 specific hardware features:
  • Dual Ethernet ports (M12 connectors)
  • Built-in switch allows for daisy-chaining of devices
  • RS-485 serial interface (M12 connector) with fused supply output to external devices
  • Panel interface on Sub-D 15 connector with all audio and I/O signals
  • Balanced Electret microphone input with supervised bias power
  • Isolated, balanced, 0dBm line-level audio output (max. 11dBm@600Ohm)
  • 5-watt class D speaker amplifier, supervised 8-ohm speaker output
  • 2 fully supervised contact closure inputs
  • 1 LED driver output, current limited
  • Built-in temperature sensor for device health monitoring
  • Isolated supply voltage input 24-48 VDC voltage range
  • IP65 rated, tested to EN50155, suitable for harsh environments
  • Wide operating range (-40..+70°C/-40..158°F), shock and vibration resistant
  • Door and help point intercom system
  • Security surveillance and alarming
  • PA, alarming, and paging
  • Help Points, Emergency Intercom in cars, vessels, trains, people movers
  • VHF radio control via IP
  • Outdoors, SIP based call box/help point
  • Generic Audio Streaming over IP

Designed in Switzerland and being used in thousands of mission critical paging and intercom applications, the Barix Annuncicom family of devices are the products of choice for IP based Paging, Intercom and VoIP applications worldwide.

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